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Balloons have been used for decades to conduct scientific studies, airborne observation and surveillance. While the basics of ballooning have not changed, balloon capabilities have increased and their dependability has improved greatly.Pinkel Balloons (systems) manufacture and operate multi-payload systems based on unmanned tethered balloons which are able to provide a wide range of applications and services.

Unmanned tethered balloons derive their buoyancy from the lighter than air gas, helium, with which they are filled, and from their aerodynamic shape, which provides hydrodynamic lift from the wind.

The final size of the balloon system and the associated deployment vehicles are dependant on the tasks that is required to perform. Pinkel balloons would be pleased to study any specific roles that you may have and advise on the configuration of equipment required.

The size of the balloon envelope is dependant on the deployed height and weight of the payload and tether and the choice of groundhandling system dependant on the manning level ,terrain and environment.

Tethered balloons are ideally suited for continuos monitoring of the environment and can support a wide variety of applications mutually integrated. They offer great advantages over alternative approaches for surveillance and remote sensing systems in which high reliability and availability at affordable prices are required.

The transportable balloonsystem, allows the installation of different types of sensors, and therefore can be used to provide different services in remote sensing and other fields.

The balloon mooring platform can be deployed swiftly and efficiently to any required location, not just on land but also as a shipborne system to provide surveillance in coastal or inland waterway situations.

The balloon mooring systems are fully integrated designs that incorporate all of the equipment necessary for safe launc, retrieval and operation of the aerial balloon platform.

Main applications:
1. Land observation
2. Suboil observation
3. Waterbody observation
4. Atmosphere observation

We have collaborated with both Governmental and Private sector agencies and have provided high-mobility systems for rapid and repeated transportation, maritime systems for use on board of sea-going ships as well as fixed ground bases.

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