Miffy Balloon

Nijntje 50 jaarA balloon cannot be anything but beautiful and it just happens that the 'Miffy Balloon' is one of them. The Miffy balloon began life in the autumn of 1986 and took the air for its maiden flight from Oswestry in England. Designed for Pinkel Balloons by the artist and illustrator Dick Bruna, the Miffy balloon was our first balloon and a generous gift from Dick Bruna. In return she is still flying in the skies over Holland and far beyond. The Miffy balloon became very popular in Japan where it participated several times at the Saga International Balloon Fiesta, Pacific Cup and Honda Grand Prix and many other National en International balloon events and competitions.

About Dick Bruna and Miffy

Dick Bruna's creation of Miffy was born during the summer of 1955 in a little story called 'Miffy at the seaside' but, Miffy was by no means an overnight success. In her earliest incarnations, Miffy was simply a nijntje, little rabbit. She was Le Petit Lapin in France and Usako in Japan, where the books were first published in 1964. It was her first English translator, Olive Jones, who christened her Miffy, after deciding that Nijntje was too difficult for non-Dutch readers to pronounce. And it was not until drawing the sixth book, Miffy's Birthday in 1970, when Bruna gave her a dress with flowers on, that he decided "Yes, from now on she's a girl". Over the years she has evolved to become increasingly human: her windsock ears have been tamed, her head is rounder, her features stronger. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is her quizzical gaze. You will never catch Miffy in profile-she is always looking straight out of the page at you.

For every Miffy there will have been hundreds of sketches. Miffy's eyes and mouth are the hardest "That's all you have. With two dots and a little cross I have to make her happy, or just a little bit happy, a little bit cross or a little bit sad - and I do it over and over again. There is a moment when I think yes, now she is really sad. I must keep her like that."

The definition of Dick Bruna is: "To make everything as simple as possible to give children lots of room for their own imagination". Miffy starred in 115 books, which have been translated into 50 languages and sold more than 85 million worldwide.

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