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The experience of Lighter-than-air

Although most flights are made during the summer, crisp winter days can also offer some of the best long distance flying, ballooning is a year round activity.
Balloons require stable weather conditions for flying and in particular calm, light winds and good visibility.
Therefore, ballooning is generally best in the early morning and evening when the winds tend to be lighter and during the summer months we fly at dawn and dusk.
Ultimately the decision whether to fly or not has to be the pilot's. Your safety and comfort is our most important consideration so if, at the last minute the pilot decides not to fly, it is in your own interest.
In the event of your flight being cancelled due to inclement weather we will make alternative arrangements with you for another date. Should your flight be postponed and you do not wish to fly at any future date, a refund will be made subject to our Terms and Conditions.

As the balloon travels with the wind, we cannot say exactly where you will go - this is all part of the excitement of ballooning! However, a retrieve crew and vehicle follow the balloon throughout the flight and collect the passengers upon landing. The balloon flight last for about an hour but you should allow approximately three to four hours for the whole experience.


No specialised clothing is required and casual outdoor wear with flat shoes is ideal. During the winter period and long distance winter flights, however, waterproof footwear and warm clothing is advisable. After landing a balloon in the early mornings the ground can be damp. Pinkel Balloons are insured for third party and passenger liability.

We are fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority and all of our pilots hold full Dutch pilot licenses. Camera's and personal equipment including clothing taken during the flight are at your responsibility and risk.

Ballooning at Pinkel Balloons

You are more than welcome to fly your dream at Pinkel Balloons.
Holland is very beautiful from the air and to enjoy this view from a balloon is very exciting.

As to our long experience flying balloons we give you a choice to fly over one of the most beautiful parts in Holland:
• Nationaal Park 'De Hoge Veluwe'
• De Biesbos
• Friesland
• Drenthe/Overijssel
• Twente/Achterhoek
• Vlaams Brabant

At Pinkel Balloons we fly balloons at all seasons and we take you up, further, longer and higher.

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