About Pinkel

Pinkel Balloons is a specialist in lighter-than-air consultancy, based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. We have more than thirty years experience of operating and flying all kinds of manned and unmanned balloons for a wide variety of applications.

Established in 1980 the company started to develop and operate tethered balloon systems to fly aerial camera platforms and/or scientific instruments for observation, survey, surveillance, television and environmental monitoring purposes.

In addition to our tethered balloon activities Pinkel Balloons also sells and operates commercial hot-air balloons. A balloon is an excellent vehicle to draw brand publicity out of a sponsorship programme, promotion or incentive. We will recommend the most appropriate balloon and equipment for your needs, create designs for your approval, and supervise the whole construction process of your own company balloon. We will bring together all necessary equipment to fulfil your programme.

Many of our clients have worked with us for a considerable period of time, acknowledging in practice that this long-term part of their public relations or promotional activity is providing a consistent return.

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